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About Us

Making houses homes since 1989...

Almost three decades ago when UAE was taking its first steps towards becoming an economic powerhouse, fuelled by ambition, oil and global enterprise, Bilal Mukri (known affectionately as Billy to his friends and acquaintances) was also embarking on a personal odyssey that would place Pinky Furniture on the top of every homeowner’s wish list. Except that in 1981, the year when the business was nothing more than a small shop located in the heart of the Sharjah Heritage and Cultural Souq, it was called Imtiaz Handicrafts and Gifts.

The Dream Gets Bigger

It had marked the beginning of a dream, a dream that got bigger and better, thanks to the continued support that we have received from our valued customers and clients. Please check our reviews on client testimonial.

In 1989, after Bilal added furniture to his repertoire of handicrafts and gifts, thus enlarging the scope and potential of the business, he decided to rename the shop to Pinky Furniture and Handicrafts at the time.

As business flourished and Pinky Furniture established itself as a brand name of repute, Bilal realized the need to expand to meet the ever-growing requirements of his clients. The extent of the shop’s popular appeal could be gauged from the fact that customers came not just from various parts of Sharjah, but from the other emirates and GCC countries.  It was a period of tremendous growth and Bilal was quick to latch on to the rapidly changing dynamics of the marketplace. He knew he needed a bigger place to showcase the marvelous range of solid wooden furniture at his disposal and so he relocated Pinky Furniture to a warehouse in the Sharjah Industrial Area.

It was a move that paid rich dividends and in no time Pinky Furniture was being operated out of six warehouses. The dream that had taken wing in 1981 was in full flight in the Nineties and it had to do with the fact that Bilal and his wife Parvin Mukri had realized what their customers wanted most – a home worth living in. From the best in furniture – both traditional and contemporary that were painstakingly crafted by a team of handpicked craftsmen, the Mukri’s gave them everything that they needed to fill ‘that empty place’ in their personal space.

Currently we only have our warehouses in Sharjah industrial area. Our Al Barsha branch in Dubai has closed down. Please view our contact us page for location and timings.

For further information drop us an email at or visit our warehouse location in Sharjah. Share our pages Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with your friends and family. Register for our newsletter below to receive notifications of our so many new upcoming events. We look forward to serve you at Pinky Furniture, thank you for visiting.